Gym Floor Refinishing Products

Hillyard Finish



Gym floor refinishing Hillyard Contender is the only epoxy gym floor finish available, it has excellent resistance to scuff marks. Contender’s unique, epoxy-based formula offers significant advantages over the conventional water-based urethane finishes, including ease-of-application, higher gloss and unsurpassed durability. Contender delivers performance equal to the best solvent-based finishes on the market. Contender Finish provides the toughness, abrasion resistance, and durability necessary to stand up to the heaviest of traffic and tournament play.

Bona Finish






Bona Super Sport finish is the leader in floor finish. Its the number #1 used product for NBA floors. Bona SuperSport Finish is the top sport finish for durability and appearance. A premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish, specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors, providing a tough, high-build urethane finish. The most durable sport floor finish available. Non-yellowing—stays clean and clear even after several recoats.



"The new refinished gym floor looks great!"
- James Ribet
"The new gym floor artwork is simply amazing, the detail is outstanding"
- Arthur Manroe
"They are very helpful, professional, and knowledgable, We were very impressed."
- Barbara Singleton
Everyone loves the new basketball court, the gym has never looked so good!
Vince Saunders