Hardwood Basketball Court Flooring

January 7, 2014

Many school facilities would prefer to a put a gym hardwood sports floor in there gymansium, but sometimes the budget steers them to a different floor covering. Maybe the school thinks that they are saving substantial amounts of money by choosing a synthetic floor. The objections to a hardwood basketball court flooring can be varied, but its our job as the Athletic floor experts to educate the purchase buyer. Our first step is clearing up misconceptions about  hardwood basketball court flooring.

Is the Price Right? Many purchase buyers take a glance at the price per square foot for a typical hardwood basketball court flooring and immediately decide that whatever their gym floor will be, it wont be a new one. Whereas other floor covering products will most likely need to be replaced in 10 years or sooner, most hardwood basketball court flooring will last a lifetime. Purchase buyers can look at the long term savings of installing a hardwood basketball court floor. Unlike the other gym floor coverings, wood floors can be resanded and refinished to give a totally new look should the facility choose.

The Maintenance message, despite the ongoing efforts to dispel it, the image of large crews down on their hand and knees cleaning a floor is stuck in the pyches of many consumers. The message remains that a hardwood basketball court flooring is difficult to maintain. When customers realize that cleaning a basketball floor will be no more effort than vacuuming carpet or mopping vinyl, they see a basketball floor in a new light.

The Healthy choice, the ease of cleaning a  hardwood basketball court floor is not only a maintenance benifit but a health benifit as well. Many consumers are not aware of the impace that wood floors have on improving the gym facility environment; likewise, they are unaware of some of the health risk associated with synthetic floor materials. Allergist recommend that athletes with allergies play on wood floors, which do not hold dirt, dust mites and molds.



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