Gymnasium floor refinishing services

Why should you get your Gymnasium Floor Refinished!?

Our Gymnasium Floor Refinishing Services is used to various reasons. Many a times, it is used to remove the outdates look and make the flooring up to date instead of getting a new flooring which is much costly then getting it refinished. Gymnasium Floor Refinishing Services include sanding, screening, coating, to give custom logos & game lines, wall padding or in simple terms repair or maintenance. The detailed description of all these reasons is as follows:

  • Screening & Recoating: It is usually done on annual basis and is important for overall maintenance of the floor. It not only removes the topical marks and scuffs from the floors finish, but also provides added protection for hardwood flooring and paint. It also restores and revitalizes the floor. It increases traction of the floor by removing any oil film buildup on the floor.
  • Applying Custom logos & game lines: In order to make the floor look attractive, various type of custom logos are made on the floor. It is done in various shapes and colors. The only thing that needs to be done by the client is to send the details of the design to the company who refinishes the floor and it is done at affordable prices.
  • New Floor Installation: Many a times, the floor becomes too outdated to be used again or to get repaired. So, in this refinishing process, new floors are installed. Different types of flooring are applied for different purposes. These floorings differ in size, material and various other things.
  • Wall Padding Design installations: It is a permanently mounted, plywood backed wainscot panel with a lipped top and bottom. It is available in various colors. Materials used for this are mildew/rot resistant & easily cleaned with soap and water.  The better form of this is Ultra Wall Padding which is a spectacular, artistic focal point in the gym. It is also available in many shapes and sizes. Most of the companies provide warranty for this product.
  • Repair of Floors: Most of the floors need repair after a period of time. The floors get damaged due to constant use or due to water. The areas damaged by water are known as water damaged floors. The floors also require repairing in case of cupping or buckling.
  • Screening: Last but not the least, the floors usually gives a brown and peeling look, which requires the need of refinishing in order to remove it.

Enhance your facilities by choosing our Gymnasium Floor Refinishing Services for your existing hardwood court. Coastal Sports Flooring has the machinery and man power to restore any outdated gym floor.


  • If your floor looks old, yellow and the finish is peeling.
  • When the logo graphics and game lines on your floor are outdated
  • To keep the image of your school with the  fresh look for your gym floor
  • To remove water damage areas
  • We recommend A professional Gymnasium floor refinishing  be done every 8-10 years . Our Gym floor Resurfacing will restore the floor’s original beauty, and help to protect it.
  • For a quote on our Gymnasium floor refinishing services please call Coastal Sports Flooring at 818.850.0695

Gymnasium Floor Refinishing


"The new refinished gym floor looks great!"
"The new gym floor artwork is simply amazing, the detail is outstanding"
"They are very helpful, professional, and knowledgable, We were very impressed."
Everyone loves the new basketball court, the gym has never looked so good!