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Are schools looking for Gym Floor sanding professionals? Do they want to enhance the appearance and attractiveness of their gym floors? They need not to go long because Coastal Sports Flooring is a certified gym floor sanding company. Over 150 years of extensive experience, Coastal Sports Flooring  has emerged with a solid solution for businesses seeking top notch quality gym floor refinishing services.

This California based company has highly experienced and dedicated gym floor sanding and installation professionals ready to provide a high performance gym floors. It provides an impeccable range of gym flooring systems to all sectors including educational, recreational, and fitness markets in the city. The gym floors look really elegant and full of grace.

Coastal Sports Flooring is a renowned sport flooring company in the world. It has expertise professionals available anytime for any size projects. They are highly devoted and dedicated professionals who only knows quality work to yield.

The gym floor sanding experts offer top notch refinishing and re-coating work within the set time frame. They are real professionals with real business commitments. Coastal Sports Flooring  is lucky to have highly experienced and knowledgeable team along with modern equipments that help it to handle any size project. It carries out a concrete maintenance program in order to provide a clean and vivacious floor to the businesses.

Every business wants to create an impactive office atmosphere that can seduce its business clients. Another thing that leaves the note is of their financial status as well. This is the reason why every business wants to catch Coastal Sports Flooring top quality craftsmanship.

The company is now more visible with better gym floor solutions. Its team offers high performance gym floors revealing top notch safety and comfort capabilities. Coastal Sports Flooring  gym floor  experts have a good reputation in the Athletic Gym Flooring Industry.

Coastal Sports Flooring professionals have worked on vivid size projects each with a new experience. They have made gym floors simple yet subtle in appearance. The floor looks quite pretty, soft, elegant and echoing. They have carried out work on Racquetball Court, Portable Basketball Floors, Recreational Gym Facilitys, Sports Complex, NCAA Practice Facility, and a whole lot more.

The gym floor professional provides a maintenance brochure while working on each project. This brochure includes daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance instructions. This helps the floor not to become sticky and slippery. They even use top notch Bona & Hillyard products for good floor finishes.

An expert gym floor installer knows the accountability of good gym floor that lies in its durability, flexibility, long life, will and in resilience nature.

Gym trainers always give high importance to the maintenance of gym floors. A healthy and comfortable gym floor is a need of health conscious people today. This is the reason why businesses want to fetch any amount on the gym floor sanding and refinishing processes.

Coastal Sports Flooring company is a CA licensed floor contractor, and rapidly increasing the list of satisfied customers. The gym flooring sanding and installing services available all over the City. A ‘need’ is something which has no shape or class. But Coastal Sports Flooring owns that need of having talented gym floor professionals a need of gym flooring industry.


 Coastal Sports Flooring  provides top notch quality gym floor sanding and refinishing services. For a quote please call Coastal Sports Flooring at 818.850.0695

Gym Floor Refinishing Experts

Gym Floor Refinishing Experts


"The new refinished gym floor looks great!"
"The new gym floor artwork is simply amazing, the detail is outstanding"
"They are very helpful, professional, and knowledgable, We were very impressed."
Everyone loves the new basketball court, the gym has never looked so good!