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We have been in the business for over 60 years and have been the go to company for every gymnasium facility in California.  Our competitors have tried to copy our business but we cant be matched because we are the gym floor experts. We wrote the handbook for others.

It is remarkable how a company like Coastal Sports Flooring that has been in business for 60 years and has been on the top of the sports flooring industry fall victim to losing a job from amatuer competitors.

Gym Floor Repair Leaders

Now that we are back on top we can brag about the work we have done for clients in the past and future, but it has not been easy. Imagine you were in the gyn floor refinishing, sanding and installation business for decades and then some small start up guy comes along and challenge your business and even used your pictures of the work you did on there websites. They build a company and say they are a direct flooring competitor. This is far from the truth. The proof is in the work.

*Below is from a bad floor refinishing job recently done by our competitor that use low quality products. We did an adhesion test and the floor coating is peeling off with ease. The school called us for our expert advice and a gym floor repair.  After our analysis, it was clear that our competitor  is an amateur! The gym floor does not appear to have been properly sanded 100% down to bare wood; floor finish, sanding marks, etc.  show in new finish, The floor must have been sanded against the grain, grain appears to be raised indicating water was probably used to clean the dust, this is also evident with the dust particles in the new finish.  This gym floor needs to be sanded down to bare wood and refinished by a real professional.

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Gym Floor Peeling

Gym Floor Peeling






"The new refinished gym floor looks great!"
"The new gym floor artwork is simply amazing, the detail is outstanding"
"They are very helpful, professional, and knowledgable, We were very impressed."
Everyone loves the new basketball court, the gym has never looked so good!