Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego

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Coastal Sports Flooring  serves the athletic industry as an innovator for Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego areas. With Coastal Sports Flooring you will save time and money because our crew works fast and diligently on your project. We can complete a typical Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego job  from start to finish  in less than a week. And since our expert gym floor refinishing team is so efficient, our pricing is kept low compared with our competitors.

Coastal Sports Flooring the leader in Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego

Eventually all gym floors require a full resurfacing to bring back the original look. If you give us a time frame to complete the work will provide the equipment and labor to finish the project. With Coastal Sports Flooring dual riding sanders, the Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego process is cut down in half. Coastal Sports Flooring is the first choice for gym floor refinishing for your basketball court.  Our high quality refinishing is long-lasting and durable and we offer a full one year guarantee. Our graphics and paint team will take your existing or new artwork and put them in place during they gym floor refinising process.

Our commitment is to be Responsiveness, Professionalism and to be Courteous, our reliable performance has resulted in many repeat clients for Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego Projects over the years.  We are one of the few companies In San Diego whose service is unbeatable.

For more information on Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego services please call Coastal Sports Flooring at 818.850.0695

Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego

Gym Floor Refinishing San Diego


"The new refinished gym floor looks great!"
- James Ribet
"The new gym floor artwork is simply amazing, the detail is outstanding"
- Arthur Manroe
"They are very helpful, professional, and knowledgable, We were very impressed."
- Barbara Singleton
Everyone loves the new basketball court, the gym has never looked so good!
Vince Saunders