Gym Floor Cleaning

December 3, 2013

Proper gym floor cleaning is essential to prolong the life of the gym floor and maintaining its glossy shine. Proper maintenance techniques should be used when cleaning a gym floor to assure that the gym floor will continue to look like brand spankin new. A gym floor should be cared for consistently, here are a few tips:

• Daily- Dust mop the gym floor with a treated mop of cleaning solution to remove surface dust.

• Weekly- Spot clean with a damp mop, use only the recommended gym floor cleaner. Vacuum and clean entryway mats.

• As needed- address sudden spills immediately and remove gum and tape.

Pay special attention to high traffic areas and entrances, these areas are more susceptible to wear and tear.

• Vacuum rugs and mats in high traffic areas on a daily basis

• Clean spills right away with a small damp mop

• Remove dust weekly with a mop that has not been exposed to any harsh chemicals Maintenance Dos and Don’ts Proper maintenance is necessary to avoid slips and sudden falls. Remember the Dos and Don’ts of floor cleaning to ensure the success of a maintenance schedule.

• Do- use microfiber dust mops or push brooms

• Do- use a small vacuum to remove dirt and grit

• Do- remove scuff marks with a tennis ball, apply cleaning solution to a new tennis ball and rub out any scuff marks.

• Do- Clean the gym floor twice on a daily basis using a dust mop with a cleaning solution.

• Don’t- use a heavy wet mop, too much water is not good! water and wood dont mix.

• Don’t- use abrasive products that will scratch the floor.

• Don’t-use gym floor tape! – The material will damage the floor finish.

• Autoscrubber- Clean the entire floor with an autoscrubber after practice and before games. Make sure autoscrubbing is limited to monthly usage. Do not use an autoscrubber on a daily basis, too much water will damage the gym floor. Change the pads each time you scrubb the floor or it will result in the collection of grit  materials on the pad and scratch the floor and dull the floor finish.

• Burnish- Gym floor waterbased coating can be burnished every couple of months, burnishing can bring back the shine. This is not an alternative to gym floor recoating.

Gym Floor Cleaning

Gym Floor Cleaning

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