Basketball Court Injuries

January 4, 2012

Rise of sports Basketball Court Injuries.

A new independent study reports an increase of Injuries on Basketball Courts. From 2009 to 2010 there have been an extensive report of injuries on athletic courts then ever before. Slippery courts have resulted in players having rolled ankles, spained knees and torn ligaments. When playing on bad Basketball Court more athletes are experiencing a lack of traction resulting in injuries. It’s been estimated that at least 3,700 sprained ankles occur every day in America from basketball court  injuries. Most of these Injuries could be prevented with the right playing surface.

Basketball is an exciting, fast-moving sport. Unfortunately, what makes the game exciting to watch and exhilarating to play also makes it a high-risk sport for ankle and knee injuries. Running with sudden stops, cutting side to side, jumping, and pivoting can injure your knee especially if its on a bad playing surface. Although there are risks of knee injury, it’s still a great game, so before you jump in on just any basketball court floor, you should know the risks and what you can do to prevent injury. If you notice the basketball court has no traction advise the facility manager immediately, and get them to clean the floor, this will help improve traction. If the playing surface is not adequate serious injuries can occur on an athlete.

To prevent knee injuries, always wear the appropriate kneepads and ankle tape this will help to protect your legs from injury. Wear supportive shoes that are in good condition and are appropriate for the basketball court. The way you move on the basketball court can also help to prevent injuries, When playing on older basketball floors where there is little to no traction, adjust your playing style. Dont be aggressive and jump all over the place,  remember to bend your knees when you land. When you cut laterally bend your knees to reduce your chance of and knee injury.

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