Basketball Court Floor

Basketball court floor systems

After many years of ball bouncing and bruising game action, a basketball court floor starts to look its age. Many aging gyms may lose their appeal as places to spend free time, whether the users are high school or college students or public rec center members.

Expectations of facilities are higher today than they were 40 years ago, and most operators realize they are competing for business and see the need to provide first-rate facilities. With participation in competitive athletics and recreational sports programs at a higher level than ever before, the condition of the facility has never been more important to the success and status of sports programs.
COMMON COMPLAINTS about older gyms typically involve all major components — the sports flooring may not be cushioned, the lighting may be of poor quality, the acoustics may be bad, the sound system may be difficult to hear, the space may be stuffy because of poor ventilation or lack of air conditioning, interior finishes may look worn and the seating may not meet modern standards. All of these have a significant impact on the image and attractiveness of the facility.

Choosing the right basketball court floor system

The basketball court floor system is of critical importance to the quality of the facility. Don’t make the mistake of installing a low-quality surface to save money.Whether basketball court floor hardwood has become the standard in gymnasiums, since these surfaces reduce shock and fatigue on athletes. Many older gyms utilized harder surfaces such as vinyl tile installed directly over concrete, which was extremely hard on athletes’ joints.Fortunately, a good cushioned basketball court floor can also hold up to other types of uses, such as community meetings, awards ceremonies and so on. The durability of a maple hardwood basketball court floor is in the tough urethane finishes that protect court from abuse.

basketball court floor system is typically thicker and more expensive than a synthetic system, but will last longer. Cost of long-term maintenance will depend on the amount of use it receives and the types of functions programmed for the gym. The programming phase should have identified all athletic activities that will take place on the gym floor. The program can be extremely multifunctional and include basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer and other sports, but care should be taken when striping to avoid a confusing layout.

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Basketball Court Floor

Basketball Court Floor



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